Il Passetto Guest House Rome - FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions on our charming guest house accommodation by the Vatican in Rome
IL Passetto Guest House Rome
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Can you organize for us to get tickets to see His Holiness the Pope give mass?
It should be possible if you give us plenty of advance notice - leave a note in the Additional Comments section when you Book Online and we’ll get back to you.

We’d like to spend Christmas or Easter in Rome - is this possible?
Yes, but it’s highly advisable to book well in advance as the Christian festivals represent high season for us.

Are you a specifically Catholic accommodation?
No we’re not, anybody is welcome to stay with us here at our homely Rome guest house.

How do we make a booking?
Simply go to Il Passetto’s Online Booking page and fill in your details (a credit card is necessary to secure the booking but will not be charged). You’ll receive an email confirmation a few minutes later and your booking will be guaranteed.

How far is the Vatican, and Il Passetto Guest House, from the historical center of Rome and the other major landmarks, such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon?
You can walk to the River Tiber and cross the footbridge in about 15 minutes, which will take you into the heart of Rome. Alternatively, Metro Ottaviano is about 5 minutes away and on the metro you can get to most of the city.

Can you see St Peter’s from the rooms?
Two of our rooms have a partial view of the Vatican City, but not the actual Cathedral itself.

Can we get internet access at Il Passetto?
Yes you can.